5 Common Mistakes of Freelancers in Pakistan.

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Many Freelancers especially in Pakistan makes common mistakes at the start of their career. As a result, their growth decreased continuously and many of them faced de-motivation and quit freelancing. Every one of us makes mistakes at the initial stage stages of our career but we have to learn from our mistakes and grow toward our goals. So In this article, I will share 5 Common Mistakes of Freelancers in Pakistan, and recommend solutions.

Here are the 5 Common Mistakes of Freelancers in Pakistan:

1. Lack of Learning

One of the most common problems of Pakistani freelancers is that want to start earning before learning, which is almost equal to impossible. Always First focus on Learning a skill. I want to suggest dedicating 90 Days of your life to learning. Divide these 90 days into 2 Parts first 45 days for learning any skill according to your interest and the rest of the 45 days for hands-on experience to polish your skill.

Suppose you want to start your career as a Digital Marketer. I suggest you to learn Digital Marketing in 45 days from different sources like YouTube, Udemy, Google Digital Garage, etc. There are many amazing free courses available on the Internet.

After 45 days of learning, Start working free for your relatives or friends, Social Media Pages, to gain experience and polish your skills. There are huge changes if you will give results in these 45 days your relatives or friends will offer you to provide them paid services to promote their business.

2. Lack of Focus

Many Pakistani Freelancers don’t focus on a single skill. They Try to learn multiple things and as a result lose focus on everything. Always Try to focus on one skill first and after becoming an expert in that particular field then try to learn a new skill. If you will show too many skills in your portfolio, you will lose client trust.

3. Don’t Quit Early

Freelancing is not an overnight success, it’s a continuous journey. Many Times at the initial stage we don’t get any potential clients, and unable to earn any handsome amount. At this stage, many freelancers quit this journey due to de-motivation. But If you will stay motivated and focused after some time When you become an expert in any field by getting the experience you will get lots of clients and will be able to earn a handsome amount. So Always give time to yourself and don’t quit too early.

4. Adopting New Tools

Technology is changing very rapidly worldwide. Every day we experience new tools and technologies. Especially Artificial Intelligence is changing the Game, by providing us with advanced tools to make life easier. As a Freelancer, we also have to update ourselves with new tools and technologies. Suppose you are Graphic Designer and working on Canva, then after some time, you should learn advanced tools like Adobe Illustrator, etc.

5. Communication Skills

As we know English is not our Mother Tounge. But We have to learn English to communicate with our potential clients. Many Freelancers sometimes fail to communicate effectively with their clients, which leads to misunderstandings and delays in work completion.

If you want to improve your English Language Skills, I want to suggest you to read English Books, News Papers, Blogs, etc. And there are also many Free English Practice Apps like Hallo Mobile App available on the Internet. You can also get benefits from them.

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