How To Earn Money Online By Using Canva.

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Canva is one of my favorite websites because it is making my life easy. I use Canva for every type of Graphical work for my business and other daily use. Many Graphic Designers are making their tasks easier with the help of Canva. Canva helps you to create almost all kinds of Graphical posts with thousands of pre-made templates. Canva is offering both Free and Premium models to their users according to their needs or requirements. Are you a student or beginner in the Online field and want to start your career as a graphic designer, to earn money online? Then you are at the right place because today I am going to share How To Earn Money Online By Using Canva.

Here are the complete details about How To Earn Money Online By Using Canva:

One of the ways to Earn Money Online is Freelancing. Freelancing is a process in which you sell your services to different clients all over the world. Suppose you have any skills like Graphic Designing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Data Entry, etc. You can Join any freelance platform like Fiverr,, Upwork, etc. And get different projects from different buyers and charge a fee according to work. Even you can get a Permanent Remote job from platforms like Indeed, Linked In, etc.

So today, I will explain a step-by-step guide on how to start your career as a Graphic Designer by using Canva and Earn Money Online.

First Step (Learning Process)

Learning is the first step in every field of skill. First of all, you have to learn How to use Canva with complete focus. There are many Free ways to learn any skill online. So to learn Canva I will suggest you learn from YouTube. Or you can find any course from Udemy after applying the FREE Courses Filter. Learn each and every detail of the course carefully without skipping anything.

Second Step (Signup for Canva)

In the Second Step create a Free account on Canva by using your Laptop or Canva Mobile App. Creating an account on canva is very easy, you can create your account by just providing your basic information or you can continue with your Gamil Id.

Third Step (Practice)

Practice is a key to success. In the third step after creating an account on Canva, you can start working on getting some experience. I suggest you explore each and every option of Canva. Explore templates for Logo Designing, Social Media Posts, stationery, Business Cards, Flyers, etc. And After this create different designs like logos, social media posts for practice and to show in your portfolio.

And After creating multiple designs create your portfolio on Behance. So you can share your portfolio with your clients and also get clients from Behance.

Fourth Step (Start Freelancing)

In the fourth step, after creating a portfolio, you can join any Freelance Marketplace to sell your services. I want to add a suggestion here before joining any freelance marketplace first try to explore it and try to watch a video tutorial from any expert in that freelance marketplace. There are many Freelancing courses available on YouTube.

Here are some freelance Marketplaces for short and long-term Freelancing Projects:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Behance
  • 99 Designs
  • People Per Hour
  • Creative Market

Here are some platforms for PErmant Remote Jobs:

  • Indeed
  • Linkedin
  • We Work Remotely

You can also get multiple clients by Creating your Social Media Pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. After creating your pages regularly post your recent projects and designs on them to increase your page reach and get new clients.

You can also run Social Media advertisement campaign to get more clients.

Final Step

Always remember one thing Freelancing and Online Earning is a continues journey. Try to keep you updated with the latest tools and technologies. Canva is a basic tool for graphic designing. After Getting Success in Canva, Try to learn advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Advanced tools will be very helpful in the growth of your career. And In the end, I Wish you the Best of Luck to all of you.

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