Is BBA a Good Degree In Pakistan?

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BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is among the most well-known and well-scoped degrees. Almost every University in Pakistan is offering 4 Years of BBA Program with 8 Semesters. After BBA, students have multiple options to pursue their careers. Some of the students join their Family Businesses, and many students start their jobs in Multinational Companies, NGOs, Banks, Government Sector Jobs, etc. In this article, I will provide maximum information about BBA and try to answer one of the most asked questions by students Is BBA a Good Degree In Pakistan?

Why Should I Do BBA?

Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to pursue your life as an entrepreneur, then BBA is one of the most suitable degrees for you. BBA and MBA are most favorite degrees of Entrepreneurs because BBA and MBA teach you about business and different concepts & techniques of doing business. If you want to start your own business and love to take new initiatives and explore startup culture, I suggest you take admission to BBA Program.

Family Business

If you have a Family Business and you want to take over and expand your business, then BBA or MBA degree is the best option for you. BBA or MBA Degree teaches you new and modern ways of business. There are many successful examples of people who learned modern technologies and ways of business in their degree and then applied them to their family business and expanded their business to the next level.

I want to share an example of Seghal Motors was just a Small Car Decoration shop in Lahore. But their Son, Mr. Saad Seghal, has taken the initiative to start an E-commerce store of their business after his BBA degree. Now they own over seven physical stores and Pakistan’s largest Auto Parts & Accessories E-Commerce store.

So If you want to grow your family business after completing your education, a Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the suitable options for you.

Corporate Culture

A BBA degree is for you if you are a job-oriented person and want to enjoy a corporate culture. Many people are passionate about joining Banking Sector, Multinationals, NGOs, etc. So if you want to do white-collar jobs in Big Organizations, and love to perform Management and Marketing roles, then BBA or MBA is perfect for you. These degrees will help you to polish your Management and Marketing Skills and to get your dream job.

Is BBA a Good Degree In Pakistan?

Yes, BBA is a really very good and Interesting degree in Pakistan. BBA degree holders have a wide range of career opportunities in Pakistan or worldwide. Most organizations prefer to hire BBA graduates as they are trained in business Management and Marketing. But Be honest, it depends upon your interest. If you are interested in the business world and the jobs leading to this BBA, then a BBA degree in Pakistan can be a great career move for you.

Best Universities for BBA in Pakistan

Here are some of the best Universities Offering BBA and MBA Programs.

Sr No.University NameCity
1IBA (Institute of Business Administration)Karachi
2LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences)Lahore
3UMT (University of Management and Technology)Lahore
4BU (Bahria University)Islamabad
5NUST (National University of Sciences & Technology)Islamabad
6Comsats UniversityIslamabad
7UCP (University of Central Punjab)Lahore
8GCU (Government Collage University)Lahore
9Quaid-i-Azam UniversityIslamabad
10Lahore School of EconomicsLahore
11The University of LahoreLahore
12SZABIST Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and TechnologyKarachi


How many years is BBA in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, BBA is a 4 years program with 8 Semesters.

Does BBA have scope in Pakistan?

BBA degree has a very good scope in Pakistan. Because Every Organization needs Skilled staff to run their business.

Which subject is best in BBA?

According to my honest opinion, it depends upon your interest. But the most common subjects in BBA are Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Human Resource Management, Business communication, etc.

What is starting salary after BBA in Pakistan?

Starting salary of a BBA Student in Pakistan is approximately from PKR 50000 to 80000.

What are the minimum eligibility criteria for BBA admission?

A Student’s education must be equal to Intermediate. While most Universities accept students with a minimum of 60% marks in Intermediate.

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