5 Apps By Pakistan Government to Help Citizens.

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As technology evolves worldwide, Governments are starting many digital initiatives to help their citizens. Form the last some years, the Government of Pakistan has also started different digital projects to help its citizens. These Projects are really helping people. There was a time when you had to visit excise and taxation offices to pay a token tax on your vehicles, but now you can easily pay your vehicle tokens and challans by using your Mobile. Even long queues in front of the NADRA office were a nightmare for many people, but now you can apply for your National Identity card using your mobile phone. So Today, I will share 5 Apps By Pakistan Government to Help Citizens and make their life easy.

Here are the 5 Best Apps By Pakistan Government to Help Citizens:

1. Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal is one of the useful smartphone Applications owned by the Government of Pakistan. The Main purpose of starting this initiative is to create a direct link between citizens and government officials. This App is helping citizens to submit their complaints, suggestions, and feedback on public services. It’s really creating an impact to improve transparency and accountability in government departments and promote good governance.

Pakistan Citizen Portal is divided into different sections, and each section is devoted to a particular government department, including:

  • Education Department
  • Municipal Services Department
  • Energy and Power Department
  • Law and Order Department
  • Revenue Department
  • Human Rights Department
  • Healthcare Department

Now Foreigns and Pakistani citizens can easily register and track their complaints, and provide feedback on the performance of government officials. This app also provides citizens with important information about government services, such as passport applications, driving licenses, electricity bills, etc.

2. Pharmapedia Pakistan

Providing Proper and Good Healthcare to its citizens is always an impotent priority of governments. The government of Pakistan is also trying its best to improve healthcare services for its citizens. Pharmapedia Pakistan is an initiative by Pakistan Government to improve healthcare services. This App provides information about healthcare and common medicines & their manufacturers in Pakistan.

Pharmapedia Pakistan is a free database of medicines that tells about their descriptions, ingredients, uses, possible side effects, alternate brands, price comparisons, etc. You can search for a specific medicine or browse through different categories to find the right information according to your needs.

3. Pak Identity

Pak Identity is an Initiative by NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority). This App helps Pakistani Citizens to Apply online for their National Identity Card (NIC), Family Registration Certificate (FRC), and other services offered by NADRA without physically visiting their office.

Pak Identity app also offers other helpful services, including the Renewal of NIC, Modification of Personal Information, Registration for Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF) membership, etc. Now you don’t have to worry about traffic issues and long awaiting queues in NADRA Office. You can avail of their services by just housing your smartphone.

But If you still Want to visit NADRA Office due to some issue, NADRA also has an author App Named Rahbar. Rahbar App gives you information about your nearby NADRA offices according to your city. And it also gives you live information about waiting time and queue size of your nearby NADRA office.

4. ePay Punjab

ePay Punjab is a very helpful mobile application by Govent of Punjab, Pakistan. This App helps you Pay all your taxes and government fees in one place. Using this App, you can easily pay your Profesional Tax, Token Tax, Property Tax, etc. You can also pay government feeses for different departments, including the Board of Revenue, Punjab Revenue Authority, Industries Department, Transport Department, Irrigation Department, etc.

5. City Islamabad App

City Islamabad App is indicative of the Federal government of Pakistan. This App is specially designed for Islamabad Citizens, facilitating different online services like Applying for online Domicile, Driving license, etc. This App also provides other online services of the Islamabad Excise and Taxation Department about the Verification of Vechince, Tocken Tax, Smart Card Status, Vechine Transfer, etc.

One of the amazing features of this app is City Guide. City Guide tells you about Hospitals, Emergency Numbers, Public Places, Hotels, and Public Transport Information in Islamabad.

Overall all these Apps By Pakistan Government are really amazing initiative. We hope that In the near future, there will be more improvements in these Apps that will make our life more easier.

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5 Apps By Pakistan Government to Help Citizens.
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5 Apps By Pakistan Government to Help Citizens.
Here are the 5 Apps By Pakistan Government to Help Citizens and make their life easy. 1. Pakistan Citizen Portal 2. Pharmapedia Pakistan 3. Pak Identity 4. ePay Punjab 5. City Islamabad App
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