3 Habits that Change my life During My Degree.

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By Apps Soldier

When I was in university to get my bachelor, I changed my life with three amazing habits. Many Students waste their time on Entertainment and other activities during their university tenure. Always Remember one thing If you will spend your university tenure doing enjoyment, after that, In your whole life, you have to do hard work. But If you work hard during your university tenure, after that you will enjoy your whole life. So Today, I will share the Habits that Change My Life During My Degree. And How Pakistani Students can make their university life more productive.

Here are the 3 Habits that Change My Life During My Degree:

Event Organizing

During my University life, I organized lots of Events in My Univerity. I have organized many tech events, inviting many tech Industry experts for training and sharing their success stories to motivate students. I have also organized Entrepreneurial Conferences and Startup Ideas Completion. All these events helped polish my Project Management, Communication, and Pressure handling skills. And they also helped me to build professional relations with top industry experts. I suggest that students arrange such activities on their university campus to polish their skills and increase their productivity.

You can join different organizations like Hult Prize, Startup Grind, etc as a Campus Ambassador, to arrange their events and to get hands-on experience.


During my University life, I often attend different Meetups and Tech Events in my city during my free time. These Events helps me to learn new skills from industry seniors and network with people.

According to a famous quote, “Your Network is your Net Worth.” So During your University tenure, try to create new professional relations. You can join different tech meetups, Community meetups in your city.

As a student, I often visited Creative Morning Meetup, a free monthly breakfast lecture series in multiple cities worldwide.

Learning New Skills

One of the best pieces of advice for all students is to focus on new skills. As a Student, I spent most of my time learning new things, like Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web development, Canva, etc. At my time, I faced lots of problems in learning new skills because, at that time, there were few free resources, but at the present time, many free sources like YouTube, Udemy, Google Digital Garage, etc., are available on the Internet.

So Always try to learn new skills because, at this time, getting your dream job or growth of your startup without skills is very difficult.

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