5 Best Online Grocery Apps in Pakistan.

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With the Boom of E-Commerce in Pakistan, people now like to order groceries from their Mobile Phones rather than visiting any Cash and Carry or Super Market. Due to increasing road traffic, especially in Big Cities, people prefer to avoid driving their cars in rush hours and visit markets. So they order anything anytime with just a single click on their Mobile Phones from their homes’ comfort. After seeing these increasing trends, Many Well-known Super Markets and Cash and Carries are now offering COD Cash on Delivery services and introducing their user-friendly Mobile Apps. Here are the 5 Best Online Grocery Apps in Pakistan.

Here are the 5 Best Grocery Apps in Pakistan:

1. Food Panda Mart

Food Panda is a German Multinational Food Delivery Company. Pakistan’s largest Food Delivery app, Food Panda, was initially just Food Delivery App, but now Food Panda has also introduced Panda Mart. Now you can order groceries from Panda Market with fast delivery. You can order anything from Panda Mart or your nearest shops, available in Food Panda Shops Section.

And If you are a Business Owner and want to grow your Business, you can register your Shop on Food Panda and sell your products digitally.

2. Grocer App

Grocer App is one of the best Online Grocery App in Pakistan. They offer a wide range of Products from Fruits & vegetables, Bakery & Dining, Meat & Sea Food, Instant Food, Beverages, Home Care, Personal Care, Baby Care, Frozen Food, Dry Fruits, to Pet Care Products. In short, they offer almost everything for daily usage. So If you want wants to enjoy the best online shopping experience, with super fast delivery and amazing customer support, Grocer App is one of the best options for you.

3. Imtiaz – Online Shopping

Imtiaz Super Market is Pakistan’s largest retail store chain, with more than 24 branches in 11 Cities. They have thousands of loyal customers enjoying the best shopping experiences in their stores. After the booming trend of Online Shopping, Imtaiz Super Market has also introduced its Mobile App named Imtaiz – Online Shopping. Now their customers can order their desired groceries by using their App.

4. Metro Online

Metro Cash and Carry is an International retail store chain. They have 11 Stores in 5 Cities in Pakistan. Metro Cash and Carry offers Multiple products under one roof, from groceries, electronics, Mobile phones, Crockery, and Furniture to Motorbikes and Auto accessories. Recently Metro Cash and Carry also had introduced their new retail store brand Fresily By Metro, only for groceries with 24/services. Metro also have its E-commerce website and Mobile app named Metro Online for delivery of their products, including Groceries.

4. Cheetay

Cheetay is a Startup by Pakistani entrepreneur Mr Ahmed Khan. It was founded in 2015. Initially, Cheetay was just a food delivery app for restaurants. But Now Cheetay is offering fast delivery service of groceries and medicines. Now if you want to order anything, there is no need to go outside. Use your Smart Phone and order your favourite products.

5 Best Online Grocery Apps in Pakistan.
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5 Best Online Grocery Apps in Pakistan.
Many Super Markets and Cash and Carries are now offering Cash on Delivery services. Here are the 5 Best Online Grocery Apps in Pakistan.
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